Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Day of School

Grade Level: Fourth

Teacher: Mrs. Benny

Start Date: August 5, 2008
Feelings about Starting School:
Xoe & Xanthe-They were really nervous at first to start because they didn't like that teacher. They heard she was mean. But then they soon realized that the kids who told them she was mean were the ones that were always getting written up. And once they met her the night before at Open House, they fell in love and were very excited. We went clothes shopping and school supply shopping on Monday and by Monday night, they had already worn 3 of the 4 outfits we purchased. They promise to actually wear them again TO school. They also decided on their own to dress as twins the first day, something they hardly ever do. Anyway, the first day went pretty well. They were especially stoked that the teacher didn't give them homework, but gave the parents homework...(just paperwork to fill out).

Mom-I was very excited for them to go. I've never been a parent who cries, or fears, their first day. For some reason I relish in the new grade, the milestone, if you will, and love being able to see them experience growing and moving on. I get sad that they are getting older but I truly have enjoyed ever stage. Although, I still can't believe they're in Fourth Grade. I also was very excited for them to go to this teacher when I found out that she is the accelerated teacher and they put many of the advanced students in her class. I'm so proud of them!


Allison said...

It's so funny that you would leave a comment on my blog because I was snooping on your blog not that long ago. Congratulations on your new baby! Where are you living in AZ? My sister just moved to Tucson. You seem happy. I'm glad of that.


Christy said...

hehe. I do lots of snooping too. Someday they'll create a way to see who's looking and then it won't be as fun. :) I don't know if you'll get this so I'll post on your blog too. But I live only one hour south of Tucson. Is it Amy or another sister? So fun! Glad to hear from you. Can I add you to my blog?