Thursday, August 21, 2008


So, YoGabbaGabba's target audience is for kids ages 1-7. Is it weird that my kids, age 9, and baby, age 2 months LOVE it? Maybe YGG should be able to expand their claim for a target audience!

Anyway, one day, I thought that Spencer needed something fun to look at. I didn't have Baby Einstein so I thought he would like the fun colors of YGG. I did the same thing with the girls before they came out with Baby Einstein. I put them in front of Blues Clues so their mind could be stimulated by all the bright colors. Check out how Spencer liked it! (And ignore the mess. Brian was taking apart a ceiling fan whilst this was going on).

He was getting all excited and kicking his legs and throwing his arms all over the place. He loved it!


heather said...

My favorite is the picture of spencer all wide eyed like, "wow, what IS this?" your brother really is a genius.

ps. LOVE the 2 month picture!!

Carly Paulsen said...

Hey, You little guy is so CUTE! Hope you guys are doing well.

ruth said...

Thanks for widening our market. I just watched YGG with Harper today and he sat with open mouth- stare.

Beth said...

Great pictures! I agree with Heather, I love the first picture with his big eyes, I am still giggling. I can't get over how big he is!

ygg fan said...

I bet he would love the new YGG website!