Monday, August 11, 2008


So, Grandpa Schultz, Xanthe & Xoe woke at the crack of dawn. Xoe, of course, wanted to drive the golf cart. Grandpa was working on it and I think he wanted them out of his hair, so he suggested that they go see if they needed volunteers to help with breakfast. So, he sent the girls up there and sure enough they were put right to work. hehe. So cute.
However.....these kids had a hard time getting up, as you can tell from Rocky's face. :)

The Runaways...
As we were packing up and putting tents away, these two cuties decided to go exploring down in the ravine and across the field. I thought it would be fun to follow them and take some pictures. OKAY so I'm not a great photographer by any means, but i was pretty proud of myself for these and LOVED all of them. Nan and Katie, if you want the others that I didn't post here, let me know.

PLEASE look closely at Ruby's face. I have always wanted to catch this face on camera, and I FINALLY GOT IT! This is her excited face!

After every picture Piper would say..."Ca- I See It?" in her perfectly pronounced English.
I wanted to see Rocky's hat cuz we keep finding all these things that have his name in it...clothes, songs, words, etc. It's so fun.

My hottie sister, Nan. She's getting so skinny! I'm so jealous. :) Go Nan!

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ruth said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW! In depth! I love it!! I am so sad we werent there.