Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Apple Annie's Orchard & Maze

Okay, I know it's been a month since we went to the Pumpkin Patch but I finally got a hold of the pictures. There aren't many but for my own documentation, and for your own enjoyment I wanted to post them.

We went to Apple Annie's Apple Orchard to pick pumpkins. This was seriously the most a-mazing pumpkin experience. They have one place that is all Apple Orchards...acres and acres of Apple Orchards. There, they also have a store and bakery where you can buy everything from Apple Butter and Apple a knickety knack bric-a-brac gift shop. They have the Burger Barn to eat lunch and homemade ice cream. Fun, fun! This is what we did first.

Then we drove two miles down the road to their farm where they had acres and acres and acres (did I say acres?) of vegetables growing. We actually had to get on a huge truck to ride out to the acres and acres of pumpkins growing out in the fields. Then they used these huge cutters to cut the vines. It was a lot of fun.

But I think the girls' favorite part was the Corn Maze. Wanna know what the maze was in the shape of? It was cut in the design of the Arizona State Quarter. There were three levels (of course they chose the hardest) and it took them about 30 minutes to get through (that was fast according to the Corn Cops...hehe. I still laugh at what they called the people who helped the guests through if they got lost) and to help them through there was a set of questions about Corn. When they answered it right, it gave them a direction to go (you know...right or left). However, we did the "Girl Scout" questions quiz sheet. The girls had to answer Girl Scout questions correctly and then they could get through the maze fast. Guess I've been teaching them well since they got back so quickly. :P

The funniest thing to me was when the Corn Cop said not to get lost in the "Grand Canyon" and I had no idea (I thought it meant there was some big ditch that people fell in) what he meant until I saw the aerial view of the maze and saw the words 'Grand Canyon'. Don't get stuck in the words "Grand Canyon" cuz it's a long ways to get out. hehe.

All in all it was a great time. The girls wanted me to also mention that while we were waiting for the pumpkin tractor to take us out, there were big giant galvanized tin bathtubs full of corn kernels that the kids could get in to roll around in. They had corn stuck in every crevice and crack. My germophobe side of me (which isn't very big, but came out full force almost at that time) was starting to get really grossed out. But I guess they were dirty enough roaming through dry corn husks, picking pumpkins, petting animals and walking through tons of dirt that it didn't matter at that point. I made them shower for an extra 2 hours after that though. ;)

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Brent and Randi said...

I feel totally ripped off now! I went to the same place with my class and we had to do a baby corn maze and then took a ride to a small pumpkin patch. I want the food, the apples, and the big corn maze. I guess there is always next year.