Friday, December 19, 2008

Heather's Trip, Part 2 (Cont'd.)

Day 3-Wednesday (Continued)

  • Highlight of the Day #1: After the Elementary School show (see yesterday's post), the girls had a Half Day so Heather stayed to be a visitor in their class. This was one of the highlights of her visit for them.

Noteworthy Quote

Heather: Did your friends say anything about me?
Xanthe: Ya, my friend Desmond (which by the way is a hottie himself that I might add and Heather agreed) said, "Hey! Your aunt is hot."
Heather: The funniest thing is that I actually was flattered by a 9 year old saying I was hot!

  • Highlight of the Day #2: Going to Golden Corral with Auntie Heather. Xoe & Xanthe LOVE this place. We never had Golden Corral in California so this is their first experience with it and they want to go all the time! Guess the love for buffets runs in the family! The restaurant's trick is they charge next to nothing for the kids but an arm and a leg for the adults! The bread is f'amazing though!
Rest of the Schedule

Wrapping presents, cleaning the house and heading off at 6:00 p.m. to our Church Ward Christmas Party for the girls to perform at.

Cute Pictures

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