Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Claus is Comin To Town

6 Months

I'll be totally honest. His 6 Month Birthday was "kind of" a little depressing for me. My little infant newborn was no more... I used to try to put the blame of him NOT doing something on the fact that he was still a teeny tiny (well, a BIG) newborn. He's 6 months. Everything says "6 Months and Older". Infant Tylenol. Baby Toys. Developmental Landmarks. "6 Months and Older". I know I'm silly but I had a really hard time with it...

ANYway... Of COURSE he had to have a Santa Suit for Christmas (Thanks Auntie Nanette!). Instead of me telling you why, we'll just make some comparisons as to how Spencer is like Santa!

1. He is roly poly and has a tummy that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. He still doesn't roll over (the doctor approved that it's okay for his lameness in that area stating that "who would want to when he has to throw all that weight over" but not to worry).

2. He is as white-skinned as Santa (that is, of course, because I'm assuming that Santa is white... oh gosh... I'm getting into Political Correctness. You get what I mean).

3. He is jolly like Santa. He laughs at EVERYTHING.

4. He likes cookies and cakes like Santa (well, are Gerber Puffs the same thing?). But he IS a very good eater, probably just like Santa. He is so good at eating because he has 4 teeth already and 2 more about to break through.

5. He has rosy cheeks like Santa.

6. He wears XL clothes (Spencer's in 12 Months already)
7. He brings joy and happiness to those around

*And how come I'm the only photo-retarded person in my family? Will someone PLEASE show me how to take better pictures?


stacy said...

your pictures are great. and really how could they not be with a subject as cute as that one.

i understand your feelings on the little guy getting older. addie is only 6 weeks old and she looks so much bigger to so sad!

Nan said...

Stop! there isn't a better baby to make a better Santa. I love it!