Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Tree Experience, Part 3

Day 4-Saturday

A.M.-RUSH (last minute of course cuz that's how we Schultz's roll) to quickly get a Christmas tree before Showbiz show Call Time at 12:30.

Side Note: Normally I would get a tree from Walmart or Home Depot. HowEVER the last two years Brian has been gone for the Christmas Season. Many of you know my story last year when I showed up to Walmart 3 1/2 months pregnant after rolling into town to put on our ward party (literally driving straight from Phoenix to the ward building with my car loaded up) after producing huge catering parties ("Qwest"...for those of you who know what that means). The girls were so desperate after that, even though I was wiped out and not excited about getting a tree, that they unloaded the whole "catering van"...chafers, loaded bins and all. However, if any of you have been to Walmart to buy a tree, they're not very helpful and me being prego and toasty, I turned around and drove myself to a tree lot where they put the stand on and tie it to the top of the car.

So, this year, even though I had Heather, we only had about 30 minutes to pick out a tree...I didn't have time to mess with doing it myself. So, I headed down to the same Christmas Tree Lot, only to find the most arrogant and rude sales guys who obviously didnt' know what they were doing. They thought I was an idiot when I asked them to put the bag on before the stand and that they weren't allowed to tie it to the top of the car. Ok, seriously! What Christmas Tree Lot DOESN'T tie the trees to the top of the cars? They were obviously new. And they kept saying over and over to me, "We're not responsible what happens to the tree or your car once you leave here." I was like, "Ya, ya. I think I have a LITTLE experience with Christmas Tree Lots... having had my ex manage one for about 15 years!" Ya. These guys didn't get tipped at all!

The girls watching the guys tie the supposedly "banned" tree on top of the car. See the bag around it? And the tape on the tree stand legs? Ya....that was me. I had to school them on how to do that. Idiots....I'm a little bitter. Can you tell? Maybe not in these pictures, but there are pictures where you can see my annoyance at the whole situation. I spared you from having to see those. :) (Plus they're my fat pictures and I, of course, have to show you only the best pictures i can right? heehee)

Schedule for the Rest of the Day?
Don't worry. It was still very busy. A Showbiz Show at the Life Care Center Senior Citizens Home...lunch...and then off to get ready for the Nighttime Christmas Parade.


Joannie Pethel said...

you know, it really bothers me when workers have "tude" like that. Especially when it's suppose to be a FUN little outing for families. I always walk away and say "SERVICE WITH A SMILE!" hehehe.

amber buhrley said...

wow, sounds fun!!

ruth said...

I love Spencer's red beanie. he is so cute.