Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cowboy Poetry Winner

Here is a throwback.  It's only a few years old, but these girls sure have grown up since then.  In 2008 (4th Grade), there was a Cowboy Poetry contest where all the students from the Arizona schools submitted poetry.  Winners were chosen within each area.  Xanthe had just won the Art Contest (see the post here) so we were thrilled when Xoe got her chance to shine by winning a spot in the Poetry Contest for her grade.  We missed the actual celebration when each contestant was able to get up on the big high school stage and recite their poem, we were in New York at the time, but she still received the honor and the chance to be photographed by a professional photographer.  

This was really fun as it was at a horse ranch.  This photographer was really great to work with and was able to get some amazing pictures from her.  These pictures are me taking pictures of the photographer taking pictures.

Keep in mind that this was December, a very crazy time for us, as I was doing Showbiz Kids, a little children's performing group.  We had two shows this day and had to rush to get these pictures done in between the two shows.  For those of you who have been in any version of our Showbiz Kids, can anyone tell what is leftover from the show? :)

I know there are lots of pictures but I really want all of these for my own memory's sake.

Have you wondered where Xanthe is?  Well, she was still all dressed up in her Showbiz Costume sadly waiting in the car.  She was a little jealous. My heart was sad for her, but like I said, she had just won the Art Show award and Xoe had been super supportive for that (read the blog post).  So I just was letting Xoe have her time.  

Well, the photographer didn't realize Xoe had a twin until she came to talk to me in the car.  When she saw Xanthe, she was totally amazed and asked to take a few extra pictures of them for her own portfolio.  Xanthe was thrilled.  How amazing are these pictures? Beauties, aren't they?

And without further adieu, here is her poem she won with.  (Remember-- it's 4th Grade poetry.)


Randi said...

Those pictures are so great! It makes me sad because this is how I remember them but you said they have grown up and changed so much. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the girls being awarded for their talents.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with the poem! You won't get such poetry from me now.