Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spencer CATCH-UP, Part 1

First Feeding

So, because I wasn't posting much, I have a few pictures of the kid last month that I never posted. Again, see disclaimer at the side if you have issues with kid pictures. :)

Anyway...I started feeding him solids last month. He hasn't been liking it too much. And it doesn't help him sleep better at night. With constant teething, I don't think anything helps with that. (Should I be embarrassed to say that I have had some pretty good laughs recently with the gagging he makes, and the shivers he makes when I put the vegetables in his mouth?)
He does okay with rice cereal but doesn't LOVE it. Probably the teething again. :) But I AM proud of him that he's been such a good kid and does a pretty good job of not making too big of a mess...
(I love his eye contact with me in this next picture. I'll admit. I posted this one selfishly. I know most of you will think it looks exactly like the first picture...)

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Brent and Randi said...

This is the funnest part...putting things in their mouth that you wouln't even dream of tasting and laughing at their reaction. Just hope Spencer doesn't hold this over your head when he cooks up a mud pie someday and wants you to taste it.