Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa...

Many people, when writing a Christmas Wish List, wish for things like Peace on Earth and End to World Hunger...

While I would like to think that we are always wishing for those things...not just on Christmas...then on Christmas I would feel okay wishing for other things...things that might be a little silly to some, but are a little rational to me.

I won't go on and on about how my regular Christmas list includes the Office DVD Game Set, a new car (oh ya, just got that one!) and a waffle iron. I do, however, have a few small wishes for Christmas that I've been thinking about for little while.

So, Santa, I've been EXTRA good this year. Do you think you could bring me at least just one of them???

First, I wish those who leave comments on my blog would push that little button right below their comment that says "Email follow-up comments to ________________ (insert blogger's email address here)". So that when they leave a question or a remark I'd like to respond to I can be assured they'll get it. I usually don't write back because I'm quite confident no one is going to re-check the comments portion of my blog on that post to see if I've responded.

Second, I wish people would leave voicemails when they call my phone. Even if it's just to say, "Wow... I just accidentally called your phone by mistake." Or, "looks like you're not there. I'll try your other phone." Most people don't know that if they just push the "#" key, they can skip the whole "Sorry I'm not here right now. Leave a message...blah, blah, blah" and get to the "BEEEEEP" to leave a message. (With Sprint phones like mine, you have to push "1" though and you'll get straight to voicemail)

There are so many reasons I wish this. I just think that when a person leaves a message, it clears up any confusion as to why they called and whether or not I need to get back to them. It would also help if the person told me WHAT it is they needed so that when I call them back I can have an answer for them. This way if it's something I could have an answer for them when I call them back, we would save so much time...

Third, (and I mean this with ALL DUE RESPECT) I wish that people wouldn't have music on their blogs. While I TOTALLY appreciate music as an art form to express yourself and your favorite songs, when I'm blogging I already have my music playing in the background and it totally clashes. Then, before my brain explodes, I either have to turn off my playlist... or move the scroll bar up and down a huge long blog page to find the person's music player that they've hidden down at the bottom, or somewhere in the middle, to pause it.

Now, like I said, this is said with ALL DUE RESPECT cuz I don't always dislike it. It's just sometimes. Although, I do think it's funny when people have a song playing in the background that is like a soundtrack to the post they've just written.

Fourth, I really, really, really, really wish people who blog-stalked would leave comments... just once. It's fun to know you're looking.

Lastly, I wish people would stop using Facebook and come back to blogging. I miss you. And I don't have time, nor want to place a priority on creating a Facebook of my own. I know if I want to be "with the times" then I should create one, but I just can't bring myself to.

So there. There's a few wishes I've had thoughts about. Do you think because I've been a Nice Girl this year you could grant me some?


amber buhrley said...

I hear ya on probably all of those! especially the facebook one. I feel like I am a grown up now and dont need to keep in touch with my highschool friends. The ones I really want to keep in touch with have my blog address!

Brent and Randi said...

I called you today to see what time the parade started. I didn't leave a message...sorry. I just don't want you to worry about why I called and loose sleep over it. See you tomorrow.

MaryBeth said...

First, I never noticed that little e-mail check thing until you mentioned it. But, I'm the person who actually goes back and stalks the person's blog I commented on...freaky that way.

Second, this one really doesn't bother me. I don't care if messages are left or not. I get so excited when I see a message I would be disappointed if it was someone saying, "Sorry, wrong number!"

Third, I totally agree with this one. Although I do have music on my blog, I have posted it right at the top to give people the opportunity to turn it off and wish others would do the same.

Fourth, leaving a comment for you!

Lastly, I use facebook put not as my primary source of blog. It's kinda like high school all over again...everyone can see if you're popular by the number of friends you have.

So there you are. Merry Christmas to you and I hope all your wishes come true...I know one will as I'll be checking off the e-mail box below ;)

Nan said...

seriously, how could I not? (leave a comment)-Is there any way to turn off word verification? That is on my list.
I was more impressed with your original Christmas list! Office and waffle iron! But I laughed at your other one. ps- I bought a new DVD player so we can play the office. !!!! Did you see Thurs?

Kath said...

Great list. Can I copy it? I resisted Facebook too and now I'm on and love it. It is different from blogging and a great way to find old friends I've lost touch with. You should try it :)
Kathryn Lindsay

James and Shawna said...

Just for you Christy, I've moved my music to the top so you can find it. Except, when I tried to move it, I deleted it, and I'm not gonna go through all that work to get it on again. So if you're happy it's gone, it's just because I'm retarded and not because I listened to you!!!!

Vanessa Sperry said...

Yes, I have been lurking and not leaving a comment... (drops head down in shame).
Spencer is soooo CUTE!!! I actually caught a Yo Gabba Gabba show with Anna the other day (she loves that show) and saw your girls! I was so excited! It made me miss you guys and that's when I started lurking again... Hugs and kisses to all of you!

Christy said...

MaryBeth, SO didn't know that you have looked at my blog. I have seen yours and was truly inspired by your strength. My heart almost couldn't read through much of it because one of my daughters has health issues and to even think what you've been through. Amazing... And to think you live in the same city as me. You are definitely one person I woud like to meet.

As for the voicemail messages, I'm involved in so many outside groups (Girl Scouts, church, Showbiz Kids, etc.) that I need people to leave messages. There are so many that don't and I am trying to teach my girls about that part of phone etiquette cuz their friends will just call 10 times in a row and not leave a message.

Thanks for commenting. I definitely am going to be reading your blog (and commenting!) cuz I'm just really intrigued by it and your family! Merry Christmas!

Christy said...

Nan! Word verification is a good one! Should I amend my Christmas Wish List? But I can understand why some people have it. Amber used to get random scary people on hers that even "I" was a little disturbed by. I'm pretty sure mine is turned off and I haven't had any problem with it. And PLEASE we need to play the OFFICE game. I KNOW I would whoop all y'all. And yes, I can't even stand how great the last couple of episodes have been. I actually got more nervous and butt tight the last two episodes than I ever have. :) Gotta love that show!

Christy said...

Kathryn, FOR SURE you can copy my list! I'm not sure I can indulge in Facebook. i barely brought myself to joining Myspace when Homestead was together and now I can't even look at it. It's too overwhelming. Maybe after the holidays :)

Christy said...

Shawna, I love that your retarded and that you admitted it rather than giving the props to me. Like I said, I don't HATE the music, it's just when people hide it so I can't turn it off that annoys me. :) Miss you guys.

Christy said...

Woohoo! Vanessa! So glad to hear from you and that yo'ure looking. How are you guys. I need to look at your blog now. I felt a bit embarrassed looking at yours when we hadn't heard from each other for so long. Now I'm DEFINITELY going to start stalking yours (AND leaving comments from time to time. :) )