Sunday, August 8, 2010

Church and Haircuts

Xoe & Xanthe are born fashion gurus. They have such an amazing sense of style (that they clearly didn't get from me) and are interested in everything to do with fashion. Much to my chagrin, they want to shop all the time. They also love to draw fashions, obtain a membership to a fashion style computer game (which they play all day if they could) and love to play "fashion show."

They amaze me every time they walk out the door. Especially on the days for church. They come out with the most amazing outfits. I just had to take a picture of each of them for your perusal. And at the same time feature their new haircuts. We went in for a trim and they both came out with the same hairstyle. Xoe (the first girl in orange) has her bangs back so you can't see it. But Xanthe (in magenta) is showing it all styled and tousled. So cute huh?

They picked it out all on their own and I just let them go with it (as I have done their whole life...which I think has given them freedom to grow into their style. Although there have been a few questionable outfits when they were little). The sides are supposed to frame their face, but we didn't have time style it that morning. It still looks cute though.

The girls friend, Jazmine slept over the night before and went with us to church. We love her! The girls have spent most of the summer with her. :) Can you tell Xoe was done with taking pictures? And that Spencer wasn't going to church? He's still in his pajamas. Little cutie peeking behind the girls.


Randi said...

I have always been amazed with the girls. They need to teach me a thing or two!

ruth said...

The girls could be om project runway with the stuff they come up with. So cute. The really should go to FIDM. You should get them in to sewing too. Oh and I love the haircuts, way stylish. Miss you girls.