Thursday, August 26, 2010

I tried...

I tried, I really did. I tried sitting down to schedule some blog posts for while I'm gone for the next 13 days. I just didn't have time. The posts became last priority to so many "things to do" before I left. Between working on the magazine I'm publishing, to picking up the girls' schedules for middle school (since it is starting while we are gone), to cleaning out refrigerators, laundry, packing, etc., etc., this fell by the wayside.

Please don't forget me. I will be back soon!

Instead of saying goodbye in English, I will say goodbye in all the languages of all the countries we will be visiting. Practice this while I'm gone.

1. Spanish (Barcelona)- Adéu "A-day-oo"

2. Italian (Naples, Rome, Pisa, Florence)- Arrivederci "Ar-ree-ve-der-chee"

3. French (Cannes, MonteCarlo, Corsica) - Au revoir "Oh-rev-war"

4. Arabic (Tunisia)

5. Maltese (Malta)-


Beth said...

WoW! You do live the dream life don't you!! Have a wonderful trip...I can't wait to see your photos

Jeremy and Amy said...

Are you going on a cruise?