Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Punk Rock Hair

I have to post about this because it will explain a few pictures on the first day of our cruise. As I'm browsing through my pictures I'm already imagining the questions I'm gonna get if I don't give an explanation.

So, two days before the cruise, the girls asked if they could dye their hair. Well, any normal person would think they wanted to maybe dye it blonder, or dye it a normal color like BROWN. Nope. Not Xoe & Xanthe. They meant pink and blue. When we were in the states over the wintertime, their dad bought them some blue and pink hair color, and dyed their bangs this color.

For awhile after we returned, they kept asking if they could dye it again. I insisted on "no" being my answer because they were still in elementary school and I didn't want to have to explain THAT ONE to their teachers too. hehe. I do enough explaining when it comes to these girls (all happily, of course).

Then summer came, but we had forgotten about the hair dye until they found it amongst the toiletry items in our bathroom closet while packing for the trip. I figured, why not? We're going to the Mediterranean for 11 days. Might as well live it up European punk style, right? hehe.

But don't worry, it washes out after 4 or 5 days.




Randi said...

I love this. Someone in our ward got hair mascara and put it in her kids hair. I totally want to give Brenna a pink streak or two!

Alicia said...

You are the coolest mom ever.

Heather said...

of coarse Xanthe would do pink and xoe would do blue haha