Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Little About Spencer

Here are a few facts about this little boy...

He is really thinning out. For those of you who knew him when he was younger, he was really chunky...almost uncomfortably fat. In his first year and half, he grew really fast, so much so that I pulled a shoulder muscle from carrying him around, and had to go in for physical therapy.

However, now he is really thinning out and getting tall. He still weighs the same as he did this time last year, but it's all gone i nto his height, and he's becoming thinner. Just like his daddy. Brian was so super chubby when he was little that he had the nickname, "The Moose." But then when he started walking, he thinned out to be so skinny that I was told he looked like a beanpole. It'd be interesting to see if Spencer follows this pattern. For those of you who knew him before, can you see in his face and his chest that he's getting thinner?

Spencer loves his daddy. Let me rephrase that... he's OBSESSED with his Daddy. If he hears him, sees him, or expects when he's going to be home, Spencer will freak out...and I mean full on shaking and squealing. And I know Brian gets a kick out of it too. Spencer prefers Brian to put him to bed, entertain him when he gets home from work, and carry him/walk with him when we're out on errands or entertainment.

Spencer doesn't talk yet, although we're working with the Early Development Specialists to teach him new ways of communication. We've gone back to sign language, which didn't work before, but is catching on now. It was a little more difficult now that he's older, but the language specialist has helped give me ways of helping it click. It's made life so much easier with him being able to sign "More," "Help," "All Done," "Eat" and "Drink." We're not too worried about his speech yet. He is so dang smart in other areas that it hasn't made us worry anymore.

Spencer is still a smiley boy. We get so many comments from people about how much he smiles and giggles. They're amazed that they hardly ever hear him cry. He definitely has his moments, but I could agree with them that he is a very easy-going kid and doesn't get real upset very often. Brian and I shake our heads all the time wondering how we got such a good kid. We hardly ever have to get mad at him. He's definitely not used to it because the few times we've said "No" in a very stern manner, Spencer got really scared and upset. This is going to make it very hard to discipline him in the future. I won't have the heart to get mad at him.

Some other facts about Spencer:

Spencer is what I call "sweaty baby." I think he takes after his dad this way too. Brian sweats a lot, whereas I hardly ever do (which is probably why Brian has always been skinny, and I have not). If Spencer has shoes and socks on, he will sweat. I've resorted to buying him close toed sandals to wear for church and play so he won't get so sweaty...especially since it's so humid here.

Spencer has some curl to his hair, which was especially fun when it was longer (we just got it cut), because his head would sweat a lot. So I would spike up his hair in different designs. My favorite was the red-headed villain from "The Incredibles" named Syndrome. Do you remember that character? It was so hilarious. I wasn't the one who "called it." But once Xanthe and Xoe said it, I couldn't help but think he looked like the villain every single time I spiked it into a mohawk. I really wish I had a picture of Spencer with his hair like that.

Spencer hates church, getting a haircut, wearing hats, getting water in his face, and sitting in a stroller. Oh, and walking. He wants to be carried everywhere. Not that I do. He just wants to be.

That's it for now. I have lots of pictures that relate to Spencer but that will be in a different post. I know it's been awhile since I posted and I've been told off by a couple of people in my family for not keeping them up to date on what we're doing over here... "5,000 miles away from us." Alright, alright, I'll pack my bags for the guilt trip. heehee. More to come.


ruth said...

he is changing SO much. All my boys are Daddys boys. Some times it's nice. tehe

amber buhrley said...

Glad to have an update on Spencer. He is such a cute kid and really is so smiley! I am also looking forward to the upcoming updates!

Randi said...

Brenna is going nuts right now pointing to the pictures of Spencer. I think she really remembers him! Again, our kids are so similar. She is SUCH a sweaty baby. She can sweat in a diaper and nothing else. Also, she has a bit of a curl in her hair too. I think they are supposed to be BFFs. You just need to get your can back here so that can happen! Thanks for the updates on Spinny. I miss that little boy!

Alicia said...

He is a genius... no need to worry about that little guy. Did you ever read "A Wrinkle in Time"? The little boy, Charles Wallace was a genius and didn't talk until much later in life, but when he did it was full sentences. I have a feeling that will be your little guy. He understands what is being said to him, which is probably more important anyway.
I've been meaning to email you back. I don't even have a good excuse; I just suck.
Miss you!