Sunday, August 22, 2010

Having older sisters

Somehow within the space of about 30 minutes when I left the girls in church to go downstairs to work... these are the pictures I found on my phone. Come on.  You can't help but laugh. We used to do this to my little brothers all the time. Brian wasn't sure what to make of them, though. I don't think Spencer did either. Some of the pictures he's just off in la la land, but in some of the others, it looks like he's kind of wondering what's going on.

This is where it started.  I know their logic. They thought it would be funny to put a sequin skirt on him just for starters. Then it was so funny, I'm sure, that they started pulling costumes out of the costume box they thought would fit him.

A gypsy costume, for real?  hahahaha.

My old show choir dress.  haha.  This one was the topper for me.

At this point he can't figure out how to walk.

And then he just figured "tuck my legs up and make the best of it."
Silly girls... :)


Randi said...

He is such a great sport! I have to say I think they learned a bit of it from you. I seem to remember a few Halloween posts of him dressed up and a number of different things. He is too cute regardless of what he is wearing.

Beth said...

Tooooo Funny! and yes we used to dress up my little brothers all the time.

Alicia said...

Oh that is Awesome. We used to do the same thing and my little brothers are relatively normal. Haha.

brittany ann said...

LOL! We are doing this again, for sure! I have photos of my brother in some similar apparel.

Kerstin said...

Honestly - I think the gypsy outfit really suits him. ;-)