Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Freibad (outdoor swimming)

See? Another swimming pool.  This one was in the next city over. Not as warm as the one I posted about previously, but the kids didn't care.  I wish I would have gotten pictures of the fun kiddie pool, the big sandbox and the large grassy area.

This slide was the reason we came to this pool often.  The girls would spend hours doing tricks on it.

Massager fountains.  One of the things you couldn't see was there is a big ledge, almost like a couch along one of the walls with massagers shooting out from it. Loved that part!


Randi said...

That slide looks so cool! Why can't America have cool stuff like Germany??? I am so proud of you for spending so much time outside in the sun. You are a good sport for the kids!

Nan said...

where's Brian's speedo?!! I miss your cute little Spencer and X&X with all these posts. (I miss you too!)