Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Out & About Group Rudesheim

Another Out & About Group Event
Train Ride to Rudesheim

There's a very cute town in Wiesbaden named Rudesheim. It's one of the best touristy towns around us that provides great photo ops, cute downtown walking area, access to the boat rides on the Rhine River to see the castles, and the starting point of the cable car lift up the mountain for the view.  We took the Out & About Group there to experience this cute little German town.

The public train system in Europe is pretty amazing. Much different than that in the states.  And quite a few number of people use it so we definitely needed to introduce it to the Group.  So instead of driving, we took the train and asked one of the women in our ward who lives on the German economy with no car (thus uses the public transportation), to come teach us. 

We started the night with a walk from the base to the train station (which by the way, is very beautiful). It's called the "Hauptbahnhof" and is one of our favorite pieces of architecture in Wiesbaden. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the outside so I'm using one from the internet. It's beautiful isn't it?

Crazy-ness on the walk to the train station!

Jenn giving us instructions

There's our train!

We had a "Get to Know You" game on the train where everyone introduced themselves and told one thing people probably didn't know.  Mine was that I used to do wedding flowers for a living.  haha. I didn't realize that that would become something about me that was a thing of the past and no one would know about, but alas it has and it was fun to see everyone's reaction. (I also felt safe in that environment divulging that piece of me because everyone is married there and won't ask me to do flowers for their wedding. :) ) Can you tell I'm a little burnt out?  Anyway, this is Felicity, a new girl from our ward, introducing herself to everyone.  She's a staple in our ward now and so amazing!

(I don't know why some of my pictures turned out so blurry. It's like the stabilizing setting was turned off. Sorry about that)

This is a little part of downtown that has great food and live music coming out of the restaurants as you walk by.

Kathe Wolfahrt store.  It's known for having wooden Christmas decorations, and traditional German souvenirs all year round.  A bit pricey but you can always guarantee you'll find something amazing there.

A postal box.  This is where you get your tickets for the cable car ride. Do you see the cable car in the background? We didn't go up this time... it was closed by the time we got there.

Eating doners and gelato in a little open area we found.

Little old German lady staring at us. I had to get a picture. She just looked so cute staring out her window.


Randi said...

I love these posts of the little German towns. One of the signs brought back memories...I always used to giggle when I saw signs that said "fahrt" because it is pronounced means to drive but still funny to me. What do you think that little lady was thinking when you took her picture? I would probably hide if some random person was trying to take my picture. I hope you get a chance to take a cable car ride. it looks and sounds interesting.

Whitney Easton said...

I love looking at your blog to see all of Germany! I LOVED the train system there. I got very familiar with the Hauptbanhof and buying all the day passes for the metros. I wish America had something like that!!

This post makes me want to go back!