Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Same Place, Different Day

So, I promise, we DID go to other Schwimmbads during the summer.  A ton of them actually. I decided though to go out of order and just post these according to swimming pools.  This is the same one I posted about yesterday.  We went with friends this time, but this time we stayed for, no joke, 7 hours.  My plans always depend on Spencer's nap and he actually fell asleep in the stroller (which he never does), so I laid down under a tree and closed my eyes too. The girls STILL didn't want to leave even after we had been there for so long.  All my friends were surprised I stayed so long too cuz they know how Spencer is if I don't give him a nap so I'm always bailing out early.  I think they were pretty bummed they couldn't take advantage of me being there that long.  haha.

Also, I still didn't get good pictures of the big kids' pool again.  Gosh, I may have to go back as soon as it warms up to make sure I get pictures.  Oh, and don't mind all the pictures I have of Spencer. He was just so cute I couldn't handle it.

Outside the schwimmbad.  Spencer was showing me his Mickey hat.  Oh, and notice the legwarmers?

Germany has these foot washers (maybe America does too, but I haven't seen it).  You have to walk thru it to get to the pool. It cleans the grass and sand off your feet.

The large olympic pool (different from the pool with the water slide, and different from the kiddie pool)
This is the same pool from a different angle.  I wanted to post this one cuz if you see the red and white striped tower in the background, then look to the left, you can see the yellow waterslide.

This the playground they had with sand and swings and slides going into the water.

The girls are obsessed with this swing.  They find them everywhere we go and try to see how high they can get.

Spencer was on this slide for at least an hour.

He saw a kid doing this with a watering can at another pool and so I got him one.  He plays with it at every swimming pool we go to. He loves it!

Renee and her cute kids. I had her little boy in my church class.

Jenn and her darling kids.  Xanthe is in the picture too.  We were so sad when they had to move back to the states.

Jenn's little girl who is flashing a darling look to the camera was in my class too.  She melted my heart all the time with her tiny voice but big divalicious personality (in a good way. She was never bad.)

This is Spencer's nap. Can you tell how much of a deep sleep he got into?   It was SO nice.

Back to the slide. You have to also understand at this time, we were super stoked that he was even doing this.  Spencer, if you remember, has always done things backwards.  He wasn't showing much interest in gross motor skills. He didn't like climbing on things, kicking a ball, throwing things, etc.  So, for him to climb up and down these steps and love the thrill of going down the slide was a big achievement for us.

The people lounging on one of the grassy areas.  This was an empty day.

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