Friday, July 25, 2008

First Day of Church

This last Sunday, July 20, was Spencer's first day at church. I was doing so well with the whole thing...I was the most efficient mom. I had his whole cute outfit (sweater vest, shoes and all) picked out...diaper bag was packed...the girls were all ready with an activity bag...I was looking pretty hot, at least for someone who just gave birth 5 weeks before ...dinner was in the crock pot...and we even had time for pictures. So, we're off!

Then the girls inform me while they're putting Spencer in his car seat that he smells like he went poo. So, I said, "Let's just get in the car and I'll change him as soon as we get there." This was my first day back at church and for my own sake I wanted (or needed) it to be successful :) (and if you're all wondering why I didn't go back to church weeks earlier, here's your answers...a) I had a c-section; b) this was the only time I'd have a valid excuse to skip me a bad mormon if you want and c) breastfeeding has kicked my butt and I just wasn't ready to venture into public).

So, I get settled inside the chapel and then grabbed just the necessities---my handy little diaper changing case Heather made me that included diapers, wipes and... nothin else. I get to the bathroom and start to open his pants and instead of simply taking them off, I realize I am PEELING his pants off cuz he has pooed an "up-the-backer", but instead of going up the back, it had gone out the side. I was so bummed cuz I was worried cuz of a couple of reasons: a) that I wouldn't have enough wipes, b) no one had seen him since we slipped in the back and I knew I had so many people tell me they were excited to see him at church...but now he didn't have on his cute outfit anymore...and c) mostly I was bummed that his cute little shorts were ruined...well at least for that day. Cuz then it hit me...this was the ONLY time I didn't pack an extra outfit. And I had nothin'...until I realized I had a pair of tan sweat pants in the car. See! It pays to not unload your car and have random junk in there. You never know when you might need something. hahaha. (I don't think that argument would work on Brian even.)

So, I tell the girls to go back in the chapel, get the keys from Brian and go out to the car to get the pants for me. As I'm waiting for the girls to get back, I'm kinda just gazing at my new little boyfriend and thinking, "he is just so dang cute. Look at that little face he's making." Until I realize the whole front of me has just gotten very warm. Yup...this kid NEVER pees when his diaper comes off, UNTIL the first day of church. And of course it had to be the neverending fountain. It just kept going. I finally put my hand on the front of it to just block it from going all over me and all I can do is stand there and laugh. Cuz I realized the cute little face he had just been making was the face of him getting ready to pee. Niiice.

And much to my delight, when I uploaded the pictures that we had taken before leaving for church...the ones that I thought "Oh, look how cute he is and look at that cute little face he's making," are the pictures where he was probably messing his diaper...Scroll back up to the first picture in this set. And try to tell me that's not the face of a baby going poo. Look at his nose...that's exactly what Xanthe used to do. Naughty!

I'm so glad that I realized no matter how hard I plan, there are unforseen events (aka, tornado, earthquake, poopy diaper) that can seriously mess up my own plans at a moment's notice. Oh well... There goes my award for Super Mom.


Beth said...

I loved this blog! I am still laughing! You are totally right... That is a poopoo face! You didn't finish your story...did you have a spare dress in your car?

Joannie Pethel said...

How funny! Spencer's first time to that's a great story for his future girlfriends!!! lol