Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Makeshift Sling

Haven't figured out how to use my Geela Sling. Can you tell? Plus I had to finish a tiny bit of it before I could wear it and I never had the moment to spread it out and do it. And no, those aren't my boobs...those are his elbows. And yes, that IS a potato in my hand. I was peeling potatoes. He is in the stage where he won't let me put him down. And the girls were gone. So, I had to improvise. :) What you can't see is my bathrobe tie underneath holding up his butt. It wasn't the most efficient sling, but it worked.


pebes2 said...

love it!!1

stacy said...

that is so creative but if i didn't know you better i would think you were trying to hang your child. hahahahaha! :)

Beth said...

Welcome to my world...The world before they had cute baby stuff like slings.