Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Lemonade Stand

ONLY $1.25 EACH!

Well, going along with the "Sister" theme, I was just able to view the pictures Nanette sent me about the time the girls stayed with her while they were in California. One of the days the girls got it in their heads to do a Lemonade Stand! And I love that Nanette is so fun and easy-going, much more than I am, to do it with them and allow them to do it. And they spared no detail.
Some Highlights of the Day (Did I miss anything Nan?)
1. They had cotton candy, lemonade made from the lemons off Nan's tree and decorations consisting of signs, balloons and an umbrella
2. They even stood down on the corner with signs to advertise. hahaha.
3. They wanted to charge $1.25 for each glass of lemonade and each stick of cotton candy. That's inflation for ya.
4. Piper delivering the cotton candy from the driveway to the sidewalk stand and dragging it along a bush. Nan said she saw cotton candy stuck on the bush AND the bush stuck on one of the cotton candies. I wonder if they got extra money for the extra tastiness.
5. Piper EATING the cotton candy on her way to deliver it.
6. Myles making the cotton candy.
7. They were offering free taste testing.
8. They incorporated door-to-door sales to a couple houses.
9. They played Yo Gabba Gabba music for the customers' enjoyment.
10. They had a drive thru...
10. They made a profit of $19.00! hehehe


THANK you, Nanette for getting this out of their system. They are always setting up stores and stands in front of my house. I'm such a bah humbug about it. They think that they can sell their extra toys at a stand in front of their house. I said, "Girls, that's a garage sale and we have to do a lot more to get people to come buy things." They don't care. They have a money jar and snacks for the people to eat and everything. Too funny.


Rachel said...

i would stop for some "blue kind" cotton candy for only 75 cents any day!

Nanette said...

That is a cute post and helped me re-live the "sticky" experience. They are so creative. I did talk them down to doing both for $1. That helped the customer base.

Beth said...

Wow! What a great Aunt! How much did they make?