Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Brian and I saw 3 movies in 4 days. Isn't this your dream Ruth? She's been trying to convert me for years to go to the movies on a regular basis. Well, I've been now turned into a moviegoer. Maybe it's that I was getting a MAJOR case of cabin fever, or just hanging out with a guy I really like (Brian too! :) ), we have seen our fair share of summer movies. We saw a bunch when the girls were gone for California, and this time they were in we thought we'd take advantage. Especially since it'll get harder to go once the kid gets older and won't just sleep through the whole thing. So, for the ones we just saw this last weekend, here is a rundown.

By far one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. I can't say enough about how funny this movie is. I don't think it even has anything to do with how much I love Steve Carrell. I mean, the minute he walked onto the screen I started laughing. But the movie holds its own and the writers for this movie HAVE to be given props. They had a humor going, with hilarious one liners and scenes that were in no way predictable and were very refreshing to a moviegoer such as I. :) Definitely a movie we will be adding to our DVD library.


Forgive me, for I have sinned. I didn't even think, or expect, how "R-Rated" this movie would be. Lots of F-bombs (and I'm usually pretty immune to them), lots of physical violence to each other (the kind that makes your stomach churn), but no sex. I have to say though that this was a really well made move and James McAvoy did an AMAZING job in it. Very well written script. I got passed the F-word every 2 seconds and just had to close my eyes a few times for the violence, but for the most part it was a GREAT movie. I don't think we'll be adding this to our DVD library. It's not one we want to openly admit to guests that we've seen it, and I for sure won't be watching it again.


What can I say? This movie has all the makings of a great summer action flick. AND Edward Norton to beat. (I loved him in Fight Club...and of course, so many other movies he's done...but Fight Club is where I was first converted to liking him as an actor even though his voice kinda bugs me). I never saw the first Hulk movie so I can't compare...BUT I never saw the first one BECAUSE I heard it was so bad. Brian said this was so much better and he really, really liked it. Standing on it's own, I didn't miss anything by not having seen the first one. I really liked it. This one also had a great script, great actors and very entertaining. Even the end had a great lead into the sequel...possibly with Iron Man, and the rest of the Marvel Comic characters. Robert Downey Jr. shows up as the guy who doubles as Iron Man. For sure, a movie to go into our DVD collection. I'm sure Brian will watch it quite a few times once it comes out.

So, all in all, I was not disappointed with any of the movies I saw the past couple of days. So, Ruth, we'll have to see some movies while I'm out there. I've been converted.


Katie Schultz said...

Thank you for your review. I like to hear what others think of movies that are out right now, maybe I will see Get Smart now... I heard it was dumb, but I will give it a whirl

Heather said...

I'm glad you liked my blog! haha lets get Nan! I can't believe Spencer is getting so big already and i haven't even seen him! i hate that!

Leah said...

I saw Get Smart, and thought it was the best movie that I've seen in a long time. It really was funny! By the way, I saw the X's at Seven Peaks here in Utah. What a small world!!!

Patrick Roberts said...

Get Smart looks okay overall, though Steve Carell seems to be veering more and more toward slapstick-style humor

Christy said...

That is so funny Leah. What a small world. They told me about it when they got on the phone that night. They recognized you right away. Too funny! Hope you're having fun.

ruth said...

Holy ^*$#@! What is the world coming to.Christy now goes to the movies more than ME!!!!!!!