Saturday, January 7, 2012

Farrell's Ice Cream Shop

(I asked Xoe if I could use her school report she had to write about an event during her vacation.  It explains everything pretty well. Couldn't have said it better myself)

A Trip to Farrell’s
By Xoe Villa

            While we were in California for Christmas, we visited a new old-fashioned restaurant and ice cream shop called “Farrell’s Ice Cream Shop” that had just opened in the city my grandma and grandpa live in called Brea. A bunch of my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends were going to be there.  We were very excited to go, but were a little bummed when the lady taking names told us the line to wait for a table was two hours, and it was all outside. Instead of getting sad and leaving, everyone in my family took turns waiting in line.

            When it was our turn to take a break from waiting in line, my sister Xanthe, my cousins, Max and Ollie, and I, went across the street, to a movie theater to watch a medical emergency. We also played on a piano outside of the movie theater and played a game called “planking.”  We took pictures and laughed.  When we ran out of things to do, we went across the street to the clothing store “Old Navy” to make up dances and take funny pictures.

          When we finally got to the front of the line, they told us we still had to wait another 30 minutes because we had over 20 people in our group.  We didn’t want to so we decided to sit outside even though it was cold.  We were tired of waiting and really wanted to get inside to experience this new restaurant.

This is us at the front of the line. You can't see but behind us is a counter with old-fashioned candy and toys.  We were dying that we were at the front of the line but still had to wait.

Making secret plans. Can't tell you what it was. They're secret.

            Once we sat down, we ordered food from our crazy waiter. All the waiters are crazy. I think they have to be to get a job there.  They dance and sing and make people dance if they have a birthday.  Soon, a man came to our table and started making balloon hats for our family. Some of my family members got hats like spiders and dogs, but I got a hat that looked like it had a microphone, as well as a ray gun. My cousin, Ruby got a pink flower, Ollie got a character from Yo Gabba Gabba  named Brobee, and Xanthe got an alien.  The person making the balloon hats was really talented.

            Because “Farrell’s” is known more for their ice cream than for their restaurant, you have to get their famous ice cream.  Since we got there, we really wanted to get something called, “The Zoo.”  It was their largest bowl of ice cream and contained thirty flavors. It had stick animals coming from it and it was so big it was a foot and a half tall, a foot wide, cost $50.00 and said we needed 10 people to eat it.  My grandpa paid for the whole thing cuz he's the best grandpa in the whole entire world!  

The waiters are so funny when they bring it to the table because they run around the whole restaurant with the huge bowl on a stretcher until they get to your table.  You can’t get embarrassed easily if you’re going to order this.  We broke the record of four kids eating the entire “Zoo,” which was Xanthe, Max, Ollie, and I. The last record was ten workers eating the whole “Zoo.”  We felt sick afterward, but we didn’t care because we wanted to run the victory lap. They let you all hold the bowl and run around the entire restaurant.  They even play a siren when you run.

The waiters bringing it to us on the stretcher.

Auntie Katie had a birthday so this is the restaurant singing to her.  
It was so funny that she stood up on a chair and danced cuz she's 8 months pregnant.

Digging In!!!

The four of us kids ate the whole thing!!!

Our victory lap!!!

            It turned out to be a fun night and I wished it would never end. It was a great thing to do with my family and I will never forget it.  I think I will have to visit “Farrell’s Ice Cream Shop” every time we visit our grandma and grandpa.


Randi said...

I NEED to go there sometime! It is killing me right now because I can't have dairy until I am done nursing. I honestly can't believe the 4 kids ate that entire bowl of ice cream! It makes me feel sick just thinking about it. Sounds like such a fun thing for your family to have done together!

Susie said...

So surprised to see that Farrell's is still in business. When I was in high school in San Diego (15 years ago), there was one right near my house, and it was only fairly popular. It closed about 5 years or so after opening. From the photos and pictures, it looks like the menu and everything is still the same. Crazy.