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Random California Pictures

Finishing up our holiday vacation pictures, I had a bunch of random ones leftover. I thought I'd just post them all here for your enjoyment.  These are just some of the other random things we did while we were there.

Time with Grandpa!
A favorite tradition. Watching cartoons in his bed in the morning.
Ainsley Schultz, Porter Buhrley, Spencer Pethel, Eliza Buhrley and Ryah Crandall

Going out to Eat
(Don't judge.  This is sometimes how we survive, I mean entertain, him at dinner.)
Olive Garden.  Brian's awesome family gave us Olive Garden gift certificates for our sealing.  This was a really  nice night out, so thank you Lori!

We spent a lot of hours in the car visiting friends and family.

Building Trains
If you didn't know yet, Spencer is obsessed with trains.  My mom had some random track but no trains so we went to Target and bought some no-name brand ones, and then my brother Ben lent us this huge rolling drawer with a track on top and some more track.  He soon became Spencer's new best uncle.  "Unca Ben."  Another one who became Spencer's best friend was Max.
Spencer's 10 year old cousin, Max helped Spencer build his track one morning. That is always the way to win over Spencer's heart.  I don't think Spencer, or Max, realizes it but Max was just super into trains when he was little so he was already a pro.  I was thankful too cuz I was really tired of setting up the train track.

Aunt Lori's House
Brian has a sister that lives only about a mile away from my mom's house.  She has amazing kids and an amazing husband.  We spend a lot of time over there and Spencer always has to bring his trains.  She's a super patient person for letting us bring his Marble Run, train tracks and all the other toys Spencer carries around with him when we go there.

El Pollo Loco
Need I say more?
(Except that I LOOOOOVE their black beans... sigh, can someone mail me some?)
Birthday Presents
Xoe & Xanthe's birthday is February 4, so a lot of our family had them open presents early.  Smart to save on shipping.  
This present makes me laugh.  Nan was leaving to go home and she couldn't find tape anywhere. She wrapped it perfectly so it would just rest on itself, but then ended up finding this blue painter's tape.  She was so happy to find that after being so annoyed for not finding any tape at my mom's house (we used it all up for Christmas).  And if you know Nan and her beautiful wrapping jobs, it makes this picture even funnier! 

This was what was inside. So fun!  As you can tell from Xanthe's shirt, the girls became obsessed with the Muppets.  There were boxer shorts and cool erasers (that's the new "in" thing are these erasers shaped like different things).  My brothers and sisters are always seriously amazing at staying within the $10 budget.  The girls loved this stuff and still use them.  

Doing Homework
Because we were gone for 5 weeks, and Winter Break is only 2 weeks, they missed 3 weeks of school.  Their teachers gave them schoolwork to make up and we spent a lot of time pulling the girls' hair to do their work.  I have to say, it was hard getting in the "school" mode while on vacation. I didn't blame them.

My dad caters Rose Parade events every year.  His main event is in the Huntington Mansion where the Grand Marshal, Queen's Court and Officials eat breakfast before the big parade.  My mom asked for help with some flower arrangements, so I obliged.  I had no kids (remember Brian took them all to Utah?). It was fun. She bought me Corner Bakery lunch which is ALWAYS a bonus.
Hanging with Davy-girl
This little girl steals anyone's heart.  I was so happy to watch her.  Remember, I had no kids?  I kind loved that I was able to do these things because my own kids were gone.  And plus, this girl is AMAZING!  
Sewing Blankets
We don't have a great fabric selection here. And what we do have is always outrageously expensive.  I'm also very limited to Spencer's preference to only flannel material.  So while I was in the states, I stopped by JoAnn's (didn't even think to go into Walmart) but they were having a huge sale.  So with Katie's help and her amazing serger, I whipped up four double sided blankets.
Ahhhh, you have no idea how much I love this place. Well, if you live near a Pinkberry, then yes you do.  I frequented this place while there.  And THEN they gave me a frequent stamp card so OF COURSE I had to get it filled. :)  It's healthy right cuz there is natural yogurt in it with probiotics. *wink*

Healing Random Boo-boos

Spencer got some random impetigo sore on his upper lip which then turned into some type of staph infection. It was hurting him pretty badly until our awesome friend/doctor gave us some medicine for it.  Spencer insisted we put a Band-Aid on it. Band-Aids fix everything right?

Cafe Rio
Can you tell the running theme here where I was visiting all my favorite places. I actually had a list of places we had to hit before we left.  And the girls and I made a pact that we were not allowed to eat any of the fast food we had on the Army base where we lived.  So, Burger King, Subway, Taco Bell, Popeye's, pizza, and Baskin Robbins were out.  (Hey! I wasn't complaining). But I'll admit to you that Wendy's WAS on our list.  We love the mandarin oranges they give and who can deny how yummy a chocolate Frosty is?  Cafe Rio was HIGH on our list and when we decided last minute not to go to Utah, this one almost had to get deleted.  But then I remembered they opened a couple in California.  Booyah!  Right by the airport I was picking Brian up from on his way back from his and Spencer's Utah trip.

I love this little boy's hands.

Pinkberry, again


Enjoying the Warmer Temperatures
While back home in Germany, the temps were close to 30-40 degrees F.
This was my favorite temperature. It was like this most of the time I was there.

Getting warmer....

And warmer....

And the warmest. It actually got up to 97 degrees, but I was driving and couldn't get a picture of it.  In January.  Gotta love California.

Ummmmm, can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture? Not even sure how to title this...  This was at a park bathroom, in a GIRL'S stall.  Still trying to figure out how you would use this...

These girls are a crack-up.  I found pictures like this all over my phone.  haha.

Ummm, I may have frequented here a little too much... ummm... nope! Could never happen.

Sleepovers with Cousins
This was a frequent sight.  What you can't see in this picture are the kids on the other side of the bed and sometimes a baby in the crib.
Hangin with Cousins
With Porter Buhrley.  Even with the age difference, these kids all love each other!

Shooting rubberband helicopters in the street
This was at the local downtown Farmer's Market.

Germany's Top Dad
And I had to end with this one.  It was from Christmas but I love that my dad is wearing the shirt we got him for his birthday in November.  And the Gabba hat my sister got for him.  He loves personal presents and I love that he has no qualms about wearing them all at the same time.  Love ya Dad! (Although I might have to get Brian one of these shirts so his place as Germany's Top Dad isn't replaced.)

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