Monday, January 23, 2012

Spencer's First Family Home Evening

At the beginning of the year, the children who turned 3 last year move up to the big Primary.  They no longer get to just play in the big toy room or have snacks and a short lesson.  They sit with the big kids and do a group lesson, singing time and then they go to their own classes.  

I worried with Spencer that he wouldn't transition well since transitions are sort of a difficult thing with him.  The most amazing couple got put in to be his teachers. They have special needs children themselves and just basically took over helping him transition.  She gave him sensory breaks and brought "fidget toys" for him (which I even think ALL the kids this age need.)  She knew his hatred of coloring and welcomed all of my information on what he liked and didn't like (which there are lots of teachers who have a hard time having to change their lesson plan.  A lot of times they just want the kids to color and/or glue, two things Spencer does NOT like to do.)

She has gotten him to love going to Primary and even gets him to color with different tactics she did with her own children (who are all older Primary children now).  We were so sad when she got put into a different "calling" so she no longer is his teacher, but she gave him such a great foundation for Primary and she even still comes to sit with him when they are doing their group activities.

Anyway!  I wrote all that because I wanted to remember that for when I make this into a book, but also set it up for how amazing one of her lessons was.  It was on prayer, and they did this whole activity on how to say prayers.  Then she gave them extra papers to bring home for each of their families to hold their own Family Home Evenings (in our church, we are asked to set aside each Monday night to spencer with our families doing a short gospel lesson, having a treat and possibly playing a game.)

Spencer was so excited to do this Family Home Evening. It really was so cute watching him help and lead because he really knew this lesson.  He even had fun passing out papers to everyone to write what they were thankful for and what we could ask for in blessings.  Then he even had fun gluing the pictures on (with a glue stick, since it's not messy and doesn't get on his hands. :) )

And I was so proud of the girls.  They played the opening and closing song...

Xanthe played "Love One Another"...

Xoe played.. "I Am A Child of God"... yes, a basic book but they were sight reading (meaning they hadn't seen the music before) and that's a pretty big accomplishment for piano players.


Nan said...

That is really cute to see him being so serious about it. And good job on piano girls!! FHE then next is Primary pianist!!

Kerstin said...

I love these family posts the most.