Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's no surprise how in love with Instagram I am.  You can see my last post titled "Photo a Day" where I tell why I love it.  But I thought that one easy way to get rid of some pictures on my computer, I could post my Instagram pictures... something I've been wanting to do at the end of each month, but I get so far behind it just doesn't happen that way. And since I'm convinced hardly anyone reads personal blogs anymore, I'm just gonna start posting what I want so I can finish up some years and get them published into a book.  A big project, I know, but I fear one day I might lose all of it to the world wide net.

January doesn't have as many as the other months because of my "Photo a Day" post, but there were some I posted that didn't have anything to do with that.  That's what this post is.  I will try to post my real comments that I used on Instagram too, and if anyone responded with a cool comment I'll post that as well.  There were also some that didn't make it to Instagram but I meant to. Those will always be the rectangle pictures (since Instagram always does square pictures).


So, these pictures start right when we got back from the states and we do our normal suffering from jetlag.  

christypethel: 2:50 a.m. We've been up for hours already...

christypethel:  As much as I hate waking Spencer from the depths of sleep, he is super cuddly when I do.

christypethel Another unsuccessful attempt at waking Spencer up from his nap.  As you can see, sunlight is blaring on him. We've gone outside, and tried to eat.  No luck. One day at a time. Each day is getting just a little better.

heathermegan: I like this picture. He looks precious (yes I just used that word)

christypethel: I know huh heather megan. I love sleeping babies. That's why it kills me to have to wake him up and it's a serious struggle to make myself.

christypethel:  Slept for 9 hours off and on, but woke up with an ear infection. Put Melaleuca on his ear and a washcloth (his request) and hopefully he'll take some ibuprofen for the fever.

christypethel: Happiness is the day we are on the mend with sleeping through the night.  10 hours last night!!!

christypethel:   Spencer just found this in the fridge and said, whooooa mom. It's jack and the beanstalk. Fe, fi, fo, fum." He's now playing "Jack and the Beanstalk"

christypethel:  One of the things I love about here.  Gotta put a euro in to get a cart. Everyone returns their cart to get their money back and no messy stars. I gotta blog about the first time I tired and didn't know. I got a little mad. :)

ambuhrley: I loved the opposite of that in Japan. Everything like that is free. Like the amazing carts at the airport... free! Tipping your waiting... I don't think so... free! And all the stores and streets are clean!

christypethel: Well I do love that the carts at the airport are free.  But we obviously in America don't keep things clean in grocery stores when they're free.  With these carts you always got your money back so really it was free.  When you hook it, the coin just pops out. I wish it was more like Japan where we could keep it clean without being forced to.

christypethel:  Christmas is officially over. (see recent blog post why it's still up)

christypethel:  be still my heart... this is unheard of here to find the good kind of mint n chip let alone in a Klondike bar.

christypethel:  Just came from his first day of Primary in church. He's in the big kid class now! He did a great job and has awesome teachers.
christypethel:  Katie Schultz... thank you for this. I laugh everytime I see it.

christypethel: Breakfast of champions at the food court.  Daddy let him get his last night and he's carried it everywhere including the food court. Then he chose to snake my eggs and abandon the cereal. :)

ambuhrley: Awesome! My inlaws buy that cereal as a treat for them to look forward to when we visit!

miloworld: I can't stop thinking about your boxtop.

christypethel:  Spencer just told me, "I look like a breeto."
#crazy kid.
#we might eat at taco bell too much.
#Sensory Swaddling

christypethel:  Spencer told me, mommy, I need yo sunglasses. The sun is getting me out the window."

christypethel:  When the husband is away we might eat fast food at the bowling alley.
#i love the no pressure of  no dinner making
#we come here when he is home too.
Didn't make instagram but I needed to take a picture of the girls' amazing boots my sister Nanette got at The Children's Place for 99cents. It's a sad day because they don't fit Xoe and Xanthe anymore. At least the two pair went to a good home where Spencer's older friend Iliana wore them almost every day during the winter.
(Didn't make the instagram feed)
It's getting colder!!!!
#I'm not okay with winter.

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