Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coming Home Surprises

As I mentioned before, it's a tradition (even though I hate to jinx the surprises by mentioning it here) that whenever we go back to the states earlier than Brian for the holidays, he always surprises us with some huge project(s) he worked on while we were gone.  Actually, he used to do it when we were in Sierra Vista too. He loves to surprise me with awesome projects.  And he's always really busy while I'm gone, so I don't know how he gets them done.  He's just awesome.

This time, he switched the entire living room around 90 degrees. If you look on the right, you can see where the TV used to hang on the wall.  This way is actually really cool, although I would have never probably done it this way on my own.  It splits the room in half so behind the couch is the area where Spencer's trains are now.  I'm glad he did it cuz I really like it.  This picture is right when we got home so of course Christmas decor is still up and pictures needed to be moved.

The second surprise, which is the biggest one was that Brian got a bunch of wood and made this entire train table for Spencer. Spencer about passed out when he saw it. Brian even painted the top and arranged the track on it so Spencer would have a fun surprise when we got home.  Brian cut the wood perfectly to fit around the green tile fireplace and then a place to walk inside the table too.  There are shelves underneath so we can store trains.  I'm just so amazed and Spencer plays with this thing every.single.day.

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