Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaack!!! Shenanigans at Brea Mall and Nordy's Cafe

You'll all be happy to know that I'm slowly coming out of my funk. It's a day-to-day thing. Mornings are usually hardest.  I really appreciate all of your comments and uplifting words.  It's no wonder we're friends. You guys rock!  Thank you to those who sent me emails.  It seriously is so nice to know that I have people out there who love me even when I feel like crap.  Again, I'm sorry that that post was such a downer. Sometimes I don't like reading people's blogs if they're constantly full of negatives, but hopefully mine is not and my down posts are once in a blue moon.

So! To celebrate my return to happiness... I thought this video would give a smile to your faces.

Background: When I visited the states, my funny sister Heather was there.  I guess for awhile this whole inside joke has been going around where she films people dancing to Maroon 5's song "Mick Jagger." It seriously came on the radio ALL.THE.TIME!  I think it started off with her, and then my Amber sister would send emails, then it moved onto random people in the car and people in stores. Some get embarrassed, some go all out.  I can't wait for her to post them all onto her blog (please tell me you're still doing that, Heather?). Heather, you may need to clarify the story too.

So this video is from when Ruth (the one on the right) organized a fun last minute lunch for me before I left and a few of my sisters (see shenanigans below) at Nordstrom's Cafe at the Brea Mall.  Afterward we did some shopping. I'm not even sure which store this is, but we were right in the middle of checking out when dancing to "Mick Jagger" had to take preference.  The thing is to get everyone involved... including those around you.  Haha.  This guy at least played along. And I'm not sure if I should laugh at me, or apologize in advance. (Please also excuse my large arm in the picture, and let me know if you can't see it. I'm trying out the "unlisted" feature of Youtube.)

Here we are Nordy's Cafe!  How did I not know about this place before? Well, I knew about it but back when I was a teenager. It was way different back then and I just never thought it would have changed.  I seriously loved how healthy the food was and so yummy too.  But most of all I had a great time with Ruthy, Katie, and Heather.

Ruth and Heather

Christy and Katie

Like I said, shenanigans.  Playing around with Xoe Villa's Mustache Me app.  haha.  My own picture got erased but I SO wish it hadn't. I took it in front of a mannequin and it was seriously creepy.  But these ones are just as good. Enjoy.

I miss you guys! Thanks for putting this together!


Heather and James Georgianna said...

how fun! I loved watching the video!

Nan said...

better than the mustaches are the faces the girls made. Also- the Maroon 5 song. It all started because the girl living with Heather had it as her alarm clock ring. when I was visiting Heather we kept getting woken up at 6:30am to it and were so pissed! The song would stay stuck in our minds all day and it was on EVERYWHERE we went. Hence we started recording ourselves when we heard it.

Christy said...

Nan, THANK you. She told me that story and for the life of me couldn't remember what it was! I seriously hope she posts them all. I was laughing so hard at some of the people she's recorded.

Ruth said...

That was a fun day!! Also i just read the past post about your funky funk. I totally understand sista. It's ok to feel funky as long as you can move on from it. And if you can't, text me and i will send you video s of me singing janet Jackson