Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flying Home

It's always hard saying goodbye.  Thanks to my dad who always makes it... that much harder cuz he's so awesome.  He dropped us all off at the airport super early in the morning. He was the best person for the job because he used to do that when he worked for the airlines back in the day.  He was so cute.  He handed all the  kids money to buy themselves something in the airport... like 20 bucks each! I couldn't believe it.  See how awesome he is?  We all have a hard time saying goodbye.  We will miss everyone but can't wait to see them the next time.

He insisted on giving his money to buy his Thomas 700-sticker coloring book.

I love both these pictures, I just couldn't decide which one to weed out.

Waiting for take-off

Best gift ever.  A battery charger. No more fear of running out on the plane so you bring a bunch of extra DVD players just to have in case the first one runs out.  This charged our iPhones, iPods and iPad.  A.Mazing. This is a must now whenever we travel. Brian gave it to me for Christmas.

Home! Yes we had a lot of stuff. Lots of Christmas presents and things we accumulated/bought to bring home.  

A fun memory I want to make sure I write down for myself is how there were literally a ton of kids on the plane.  I asked the flight attendant later on and she said 43.  We found out later when we were picking up luggage that one of the military units were flying over.  Most of them had never been on a long flight before so all the kids were crying the whole time and very unhappy. I was so flattered when all 3 of my kids were zonked out about 2 hours after taking off and the flight attendant came up and complimented me on what a good job I was doing and that most of the parents probably want to know my secret. I said, "Benadryl and Melatonin!" :)

There was also a really nice older man who was chatting it up with the flight attendants. I overheard them when I got up to go to the bathroom.  While I was waiting, he went back to his seat and the flight attendant told me how kind this man was.  He saw a member of the military in uniform walking on the flight and gave up his First Class so this soldier could have it.  I kinda wonder what he thought when a whole slew of them walked on later. You only have to make a difference with one, right?

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