Tuesday, April 7, 2009

9 Months!!!

9 Months

Spencer is 9 months old! Can you believe it? I didn't really do an official 8 month picture (see previous post), but I was adamant about wanting to do a St. Patrick's Day one. Well, I bypassed the pre-planned red beard and green skin (Brian said he could do it on photoshop) and opted for just using what I had so far. However, even then the shoot didn't go so well. More on that below.

And so I digress....

Spencer does things developmentally sort of backwards. Kids who are 9 months old are usually pretty well developed as far as gross motor skills (crawling, rocking on hands and knees, playing with toys). Spencer, however, is barely sitting up and doesn't even look like he's close to crawling. BUT! He's definitely mastering his fine motor skills. We'll just work on the other stuff later.

A little bit about Spencer:
1. Can pick up food between two fingers and feed himself. (Also likes to help hold onto the spoon when I'm feeding him)

2. Hold a water cup and drink from it without tipping it upside down. He LOVES drinking water from a cup and gets really, really excited when we feed him even from a water bottle.

3. He shakes his head "no" when he's done with his food (or even still has food in his mouth but isn't ready for another bite), when he's done playing with something, or when he is "done" for the night and just wants to get to bed. He shakes his head "no" when I try to rock him or sing to him. It's like he's saying, "No more! I just want to go to bed." We all laugh really hard.

4. He still opens and closes his hands (not arms) and feet (not legs) when he gets really excited.

5. HE CAN HOLD HIS OWN BOTTLE! How much do I love this one?

6. He's definitely slimming down in his face. He may just be getting longer and growing into his fat.

7. He has 8 teeth. It's really fun watching him chew with his front teeth.

8. He's a TV snob. It's only YoGabbaGabba and Baby Einstein for him. (Which is fine with me so I don't fall into letting him watch too much TV).

9. He recognizes me when I walk into the room or he hears my voice. Unlike before where he did notice me...now he gets really, really excited (hands and feet shaking) for me to hold him. I know he wants to be picked up when he does that. If he's fine to be left where he's at, he just ignores me.

10. He recognizes Brian's voice on the phone and gets super excited when Brian calls. He also stares at Brian's picture in the hallway if Brian's been gone too long (on a trip). He'll reach for the picture frame and kind of touch it (he's a very touchy-feely person).

11. He still loves socks.

12. He still loves anything material. When we went to the craft section of Walmart the other day, I caught him trying to "love on" the material there when I got the stroller too close. He grabs the material and shoves it into his mouth...then starts shaking his head back and forth. He also loves when I walk through clothing sections so he can stick his hand out and feel all the material. Weirdo. :)

13. Watching him fall asleep is the funniest thing to do. He kicks his legs up then rolls himself so he is perpendicular with the crib. Then uses his toes to walk along the crib like a "ladder" to turn himself over. If he doesn't quite make it, he'll roll to the other side to do the same thing...just to get over onto his stomach.

14. Lastly, HE'S SLEEPING 10 HOURS. We got totally messed up on his schedule when we went on so many trips. But he's back to being an all-night sleeper... and I'm a happy person. Except when he grunts at 5:00 a.m., then I go to check on him and then can't fall back asleep for 2 hours. And then by that time Spencer's waking up again. Ugh...the perils of motherhood. heehee.

The PhotoShoot that Went Wrong....

So, this little photoshoot (and I use that term loosely cuz I am really crappy when it comes to taking pictures even though all my family is amazing...and I'm really bad at using Photoshop...so if anyone would like to give me a great birthday gift, it would be to teach me photography basics) didn't turn out so well. The reason? Spencer kept taking apart the scenery.

Warning: there are a lot of pictures below, but I had to put them so you could watch the progression of the downfall of our little shoot.

First, off comes the hat....

Then, he found the pot and decided he liked the handle enough....

...to just take it off completely.

Then we tried the hat again....

...he was having none of it...he even held onto the handle of the pot while he took the hat off...

....ahhhh....what's INSIDE the pot?

He struck gold!!!

And of course it went straight into the mouth. That's when I cut my losses and called it a day! :)


Vanessa Sperry said...

SOOOOO cute!!! Spencer's pictures are darling, especially the ones that went wrong. I can't wait to meet him, he's the cutest thing ever. By the way, Emma just barely started sitting up, won't crawl or go near it, but she waves bye bye... weird, huh? I decided it's all good... they'll get to things when they're ready, right?

Katie Schultz said...

His face has thinned out! I miss this little guy, but I loved this post. I feel like I got to know him a little better.

Randi said...

How can you call that a photo shoot gone wrong? You got the best pictures that captured his personality. Who cares if they are not "studio quality". He is such a handsome guy and he looks good in green.

Heather said...

so cute...I miss his chubby face...don't stop feeding him! I never want him to slim down!