Thursday, April 23, 2009

On the Road Again...

On the road again
Just can't wait to get on the road again
Life I love is Brian, Spencer and the twins (makin music with my friends)
Oh I can't wait to get on the road again

So, by the time you read this, we'll be on the road again. This time it's a 3 1/2 week stint in Heidelberg, Germany. We'll be taking the girls to Paris and the Black Forest. They'll be experiencing castles and forests, as well as museums and fun parks. We're very much looking forward to this...Brian I think most of all. He has been away so much that he has been wanting us to come with him for this (hopefully) last trip to Germany. It won't be his last trip around the world though. He'll be staying 2 weeks after we leave and then it's on to Korea for him for 4 weeks.

I won't have a cell phone...which has been my lifeline currently to the outside world. I love my phone. I can call, text, email, etc. from this beautiful piece of technology. But after Thursday, I will be totally without it. I'll be forced to start using chat systems (like Google or Yahoo) to talk over the phone with people, or even buy a calling card...novel concept, huh? AND I will be doing lots of email.

So PLEASE keep my soul alive and post a lot, as well as email me. Do this so I can be kept company by friends and family while thousands of miles away.

Now...wish us luck flying on a 12 hour flight (well, it's broken up with a layover after a 2 hour flight, but we still have a 9 1/2 hour flight), with two 10 year olds and a sick baby. I've armed myself with lots of activities, YoGabba DVD's (for Spencer) and surprise gifts for the girls! And I won't leave home without the Triaminic for the baby and the Valium for me! Hehe ;)


Randi said...

Your passport pictures made my week. I love that Spencer has one. I know he has to have one but it is funny to me that he is such a world traveler at such a fun age. Have a safe journey and let us know when you get there.

Beth said...

I am so Jealous!!! You have to visit Heather when you are in Paris..she lives in the heart of Paris. She would love to be your tour guide!!

Have a wonderful trip!

amber buhrley said...

Love Spencers picture. That is classic.