Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Home Away from Home

The Keller Residence

The kitchen

Brian found this great place that specializes in (I almost said "caters to" but couldn't bring myself to) families visiting abroad who need a place to stay long term. Not only is it big and spacious with a room for Brian and I, as well as a room for the girls, but it has two bathrooms, a dining room and a big living room.

The spacious entryway and front mudroom (can't see from this view).

This is our view as we walk in the front door. The bathrooms and bedrooms are off to the right and then that little doorway to the left goes into the kitchen, living room and dining room.

The windows are great European windows that open outwards and the shades they have (I guess lots of Europeans have these kinds, but not Americans) completely darken the room. They're on every window. (Can you see them on the picture below for the big bathroom). It's great for Spencer, who's portacrib we put in the big bathroom. All our rooms become completely darkened in the middle of the day. I so wish we had these in America.

The big bathroom

The smaller bathroom

Dining Room

We've already gone grocery shopping and stocked our fridge. Oh, did I mention that if you pay 10 Euro more and they give you a car to drive around. How awesome is that! I'll take a picture of the car later. I've already gone driving. Are you proud? I am. :)

This is our sitting room. It is bigger than it looks here. You know me how I like open spaces.

There are also free laundry facilities here and the view is great. See the picture below. That is the view I have from my living room window.

My view

Mine and Brian's room

The girls' room

The little apartment is set in a cute town called Leiman and it is set amongst some really cute homes and surrounded by trees.

This is our home away from home so now you can have a reference as to where we live when we're giving you our daily stories. I know Nan likes being able to do that, as do I. :)


Randi said...

That is amazing. There are so many thing that bring back memories for me. For example...the way you flush the toilet by pressing in that huge button. Does your toilet have water? Mine didn't when I lived there. It almost grossed me out but then I have to laugh. I love that Spencer sleeps in the bathroom! That is also gross, but funny at the same time.

Kerstin said...

And now you're here the weather's so lousy! ;-)

Something you should go to:

Right next to it is the Daimler Museum which is really good:

Well, I hope you all enjoy your stay!

Roni said...

Thanks for the visual. That is a really nice set up.

Nan said...

Thank you- My brain has a place to go when I talk to you. Tried to call you a couple of times today- just in my mind. It took me a second to remember I couldn't. Miss you!

Erin said...

Wow! That's a nice place! And I know what you mean about the shutters! I fell in love with those when I lived there, and now that I have my own house, I've been trying to find somewhere in America that sells those types of blinds. I JUST FOUND A COMPANY!! It's called Tucson Rolling Shutters. They are coming to measure my windows on Wednesday so I can get those shutters installed!!

{leah} said...

I LOVE your house!!! it kinda makes me want to be there!!