Tuesday, April 21, 2009

(One of the) Best Birthday Presents Ever

I am so excited cuz even after all the presents I got last week (I'll post on that tomorrow), and after the fun visitors I had out here, AND after all the presents Brian and the girls got me...my sister Nanette surprised me today with one more amazing present, which has become one of the best birthday presents ever. Her very own blog!

You have to understand. We have all been waiting for Nan to join is in the blogging world. I even started her blog for her. We all checked it every day...for about a month. And then she broke the news to us that she was never going to do it...we stopped checking. And I took it off my "Blog List".

So, of course when she told me last week in the birthday card she wrote for me that there was another gift coming for me on my birthday, I actually started thinking of all the possibilities. An e-card? A T--d card? (I can't say what it is over the internet...but for my family...they know what it is and all are thrilled to get one from Nanette). Seriously, I couldn't imagine what it was.

Imagine my surprise and elation when I got an email this very morning saying,

"Here is your other gift!

Happy Birthday...
(You're welcome!)

I think we're all ecstatic. And we can now count Nanette as a member of our blogging world. :)

But wait! There's more! To top it off, her very first post was a Happy Birthday tribute to moi! Haha, how much better can my birthday get? Well, dinner tonight at Chili's again for the Citrus Plank Tilapia will be in close running. :) But go to it and read her super nice post to me.

Thanks Nan! You rock! (And so does Harrison for wishing me a Happy 20th Birthday. You rock too!) And thanks everyone else for your awesome presents. Seriously, you know how much I love gifts from people. Miss you and love you.


stacy said...

happy birthday sweet lady!

Nan said...

If I knew how happy that'd make you, I would've done it sooner! well, maybe not, but it was fun! Happy birthday. I dream of the cedar plank fish....enjoy!