Saturday, April 11, 2009

D.C. At Night

Walking in D.C. at Night

We decided to walk back from the Museums. It was a little over a one-mile walk and it started to get dark. Everything was so beautifully lit up.

The girls, at first, thought it was too long of a walk, but once we got going we had a good time. Xoe and I played around taking surprise pictures of each other, she acted a bit crazy at times too, and Xanthe jibber-jabbed on the phone to her dad telling her all about our day. She was talking in 16-year old language. It was quite funny.

Spencer and Brian just kicked it watching us and Spencer loved looking at all the lights. Enjoy the pictures. (I hope you all can visit this amazing city...and are able to one time or another see it at night.)

And NOW this is the last D.C. post.

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Beth said...

Love the pictures! Wow you and your family are getting to go on some great trips! You are making priceless memories.