Monday, April 6, 2009

Guess What We Did Today?


Yup, it's true... I went back. I was gone for about 2 months. (And my body's been showing the loss of exercise!) With our New York trip and then me getting sick for a few weeks, then California trip, then Spencer getting sick for 3 weeks...needless to say, I was NOT feeling up to going. But I finally got Spencer back to sleeping 10 hours at night so I've been able to motivate myself to going. (Now all I have to do is diet.)

Anyway, since the girls are in homeschool, and I saw a way to kill two birds with one stone (P.E. AND working on their Exercise Badge), I brought them with me. Look how dang cute they look!

Here's Xoe working on her biceps.

And Xanthe... look at her using her stomach to pull the tube up. Victoria, the instructor, had to tell her not to do that or she might pass gas. hahaha

And how come a double chin looks cute on a little girl? How come it's not okay for ME to have one? :)

Here are the lunge squats. Lunge, then lift your leg up and squeeze your butt.
They were giggling the whole time.
We had made it twice around the park, running, then stopping and doing jump squats, jump rope and push ups. By the time we made it back around to the playground, they were dying. I was so happy when Xanthe goes, "Mom, this is what you do when you come here! I couldn't imagine you ever doing such hard exercises! I'm dying!" haha. That's what Brian said too! He came once and hasn't come back! heehee. Well, I just wish my body would be proof of the hard exercises I do.
Here's Xanthe doing calf raises. I don't have any more of Xoe cuz she graciously took Spencer into the car and turned on his video. He had lost it by that time. It was an hour passed (there's that dang word again!) his bedtime.
The next picture is when we were using the playground to work on her shoulders. Check out the mom in the back with the white hat on. She's the instructor. Isn't her body amazing? It's great because you want your instructor to be fit, but if she wasn't such a cool mom then it would be a bit intimidating.

The girls want to come back. But we'll see how they feel in the morning. I'm still laughing. I really had a lot of fun with them. And Victoria was so patient when teaching them how to do things. Xanthe bailed when it was time to do the abs. She kept saying, "Seriously? When is this over?" hahaha. Now they know what I say everytime I go! But it was nice to know I'm not the only one that feels tired by the end of our one hour and 15 minute work out.


ruth said...

I love it. I know my family couldnt do my workout either. My trainers name is Katie. She kicks my butt every morning.

Vanessa Sperry said...

Wow, you're a Super Mommy! I want a baby boot camp. How do I get one of those? :) The girls are so much fun to tag along, they are always up for a new thing, aren't they?

Katie Schultz said...

They are so cute. I am so nervous for you when they turn 16 and all the boys are knocking down their door!

brian said...

Katie, I wake up in sweats at night worrying about that day! I don't need you reminding me that it's coming all too soon hahaha