Friday, April 10, 2009

Intermission: The Best Belated April Fool's Day

So, last night I had the best trick played on me EVER! I have to interrupt the regularly scheduled program of my D.C. post to bring you this story.

It all starts with the fact that Brian has been gone to New Jersey since last week. I've been feeling pretty much "done" with his trips. I know. I'm horrible for feeling that way. I should be supporting him. But the thoughts were only there for a few fleeting moments. Does that make it not so bad?
Anyway, he was originally scheduled to fly home this Saturday, but then on Monday his schedule changed to finish up early. I was so excited and prematurely thought he'd be flying home right afterward on Thursday afternoon after his wrap-up meeting Thursday morning. But then he told me because it was Easter weekend the only flight he could take was Friday afternoon. I was kind of bummed but got over it pretty quickly. All week I kept thinking, okay, finishing Thursday...flying home Friday... For some reason, I couldn't keep it straight. So, what happened next really threw me for a loop.

Then, on Thursday (yesterday) I was working really hard on getting the house ready for him to come home on Friday... really cleaning the kitchen and making a bunch of cookies for his Easter basket. And I was also procrastinating (I do that often) cleaning up the garage (I totally ruined his beautiful garage) and the laundry til Friday during the day before he got home. I was totally organized and had managed my time very order to totally make him think I had everything under control. hehe. I got so much cleaned up, did a bit of shopping and even had time to soak in the tub, read Harry Potter and plan Easter dinner.

Spencer had taken a real late nap so he was awake still by about 10:30. At that time, I was in the nursery letting Spencer drink a bottle (love that he can hold his own now) and was organizing his clothes, changing his crib sheets and vacuuming on top AND under the rug. I don't really ever have much time to do UNDER the rug. Now I KNEW it was ending to be a good day.

All of a sudden the girls come running in (yes they were still awake...they were taking care of Spencer while I was taking a bath) and scared the b'jiggers out of me. "Mom! Brian's home early! Brian's home early! We just heard the garage door open!"

My heart just dropped. "What! Seriously?! Really? Could that be? No way, I had just been talking to him over the text messaging about my excitement that he was coming home and what our plans were for Saturday. He had also apologized to me that I hadn't heard from him because he had been doing laundry and reading and that his battery died." hahaha. (Later on, I realized he was telling me those things to trick me into not even realizing he was on a plane headed home)

And then for one moment, even though I was so excited that he was home, all I could think was, "The garage is a mess! He just saw how bad it is! I have mismatched pajamas on and no makeup! And his desk that I've stored all the non-Easter decorations on is a mess!" I needed like 10 minutes to stash and pile the junk up, but I only had 10 seconds.

Then I just realized, "Wait a second! This is the coolest thing ever and Brian could care less what the house looks like! And it's not even that messy." hehe. So, we ran out the door and greeted our best surprise EVER! Isn't he amazing? And I guess he does like us after all! hahaha. :)
So, we have our Brian home and then we leave in a couple weeks to Germany. No more trips without him for awhile. Yay!!! :)


Alicia said...

I love it! Good job, Brian.
The first time Blaine and I didn't see each other for longer than a week, I was freaking out over picking him up from the airport. I remember I did my hair, touched up my make-up, brushed my teeth AND was chewing on gum. It was like we were dating all over again. Hilarious.

Randi said...

I bet you made up for the garage, the pj's and the lack of make up with the fact that you cleaned under the rug in Spencer's room. Seriously, I bet he really appreciated that.

amber buhrley said...

First of all, Laughed really hard at randis comment and second of all you are allowed to complain about him being gone on trips. I will let you because I couldnt do it!