Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Dysfunctionality

Okay....So, I've been a horrible blogger of late. I have this problem... that sometimes when I hit a roadblock, I obsess about it as a reason why I can't do something. In this case, here are my roadblocks for just simply giving up and not blogging.

First, I can't find the darn "National Archives" pictures from our D.C. trip so I can't move beyond it. We had to take a different camera in because of the sensitivity of the documents. And imagine my dismay when two weeks ago (yup you heard's been two weeks) I opened up the camera to find a missing memory card. I keep racking (Alicia, is that how you spell racking? Or is it wracking) my brain to find it. I've unloaded every bag, every box that it might have fallen into, but no memory stick.

The only thing I can think of is that it's at my mom's house (in California). I remember seeing a blue memory card on the floor of my mom's house and thinking, "Wow, I should pick that up and see what's on it. It could be one of mine." But of course...I didn't. And now... I'm wishing I did. And see? Now I can't get passed that I didn't pick it up. Cuz I'm sure the pictures are there (even though they're probably not). And I can't move passed it. I know. Weird.

And second, I can't move passed that I never took Spencer's 8 month pictures and now he's 9 months. I wanted to do him as a cherub for his 8 months (for Valentine's Day) and for 9 months...a leprechaun for St. Paddy's Day.

And even though it's way passed both those holidays, I still want to do it. But I can't find a halo for him (I've looked everywhere...ivy...nope...can't find real or rope...nothin).

And then the leprechaun... I'm too lazy to create a background, and an outfit. (I just find other "more important" things to do.) I have the hat and everything else. But yet, I can't get passed it to post anything else. (Alicia, I feel like I've said "passed" and "past" so many times, and I know I have totally used them in the wrong way. But the more I have looked at them, I can't figure out which is right. sheesh. Well, that's one you could put on your blog).

You guys must think I'm the weirdest ever! (Ya I know Alicia, it's "most weird" but who really says that anyway?)

Okay, so I really DO have substance to my next post. You will love it. I'm trying to get PASSED my weirdness and move on. I'll get to the other posts soon. And as far as my D.C./NYC Trip, Brian still wants me to post, as do others, so I'll do them intermittently. That way it doesn't feel like we're reliving my trip too far in the PAST, and then we'll lose interest and get PASSED it.

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Alicia said...

OKAY-- First off, you kill me!! I am dying over this past/passed business. Hilarious. Honestly, I need to research why each is used. I don't know the rule, just which way is correct. I'll add it to me list.
WTF? I'd be freaking. We need to talk about this.