Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The News of all News

Here are some pictures to go along with my post. They're from my trip with Brian to Germany in November 2007...And I have no idea what this means. I can't remember. But the signs are everywhere. It means something like "Exit" (for the freeway), but I seriously can't remember. But know every time we passed an offramp...I giggled."
Read the post entitled "My Dysfuncionality" before you read this post...

So, because I have been really bad at blogging, I needed something, a really good post with some fun information, to re-introduce myself to everyone. I guess I've found it.

Brian's gone again. On another trip. He's back in Germany, a lot sooner than we expected. He was gonna take us with him this time. We got the girls' passports, Spencer's passport and booked the tickets. The trip kept getting postponed and postponed over and over. It was very frustrating. Then, we finally got word that we could go over on the 25th of April. We bought our tickets and I've been planning for awhile. I've already gotten the girls' homeschooling together and started getting the house close to being "shut down" for a month. I know it's quite a ways away, but I know I'll have so much to do before then that I wanted to get started on it. Plus, I am just really excited to go over there.

Then...Brian came home last Friday and said, "Do you want the good news, or the bad news?" He always says that to me when needing to talk about the next trip he's going on for work so usually I can guess it. Here's how our conversation went...

I said, "The good news."

He said, "They want me to go over sooner than expected. They want me to leave on Wednesday."

I was like, "Are you kidding me? That's BAD news."

Brian, "Well, I guess I should have you want the bad news, or the worse news?"

I sighed. "Great. What's the worse news? Bring it on."
The Heidleberg Bridge

He stuttered for a moment and took a breath and started in. "Joe, you remember the guy who I've been working with over there? Well, he's been having some stuff...probably personal problems...going on and has requested to be moved back to the States. That puts a big major kink in the project we're working on because we're already behind schedule with our deadline. Matt is really getting stressed out and sort of had a freak out this morning. I've been in meetings all day, conference call after conference call trying to figure out how to solve the problem. I have no other guys who can go over there and stay as long as we need them to because of the restrictions the country puts on some of them because they're not Team Leads."

At this point, I'm just bracing myself for what is coming next...he's taking WAY too long to explain this...

Me (interrupting him)-"So....what's the WORSE news..."

Brian-"Well, do you remember last year when that opportunity came up to move over there and you were really nervous at first, but then really liked the idea? (Me-"Ya...") But then it kind of fell through and it never happened and you were kind of disappointed?" (Me-"Ya...What are you saying?). Well, what if it happened sooner than later?"

The Autobahn. This sign means no speed limit

Me (I already knew where he was going with this but my heart just dropped)-"Are you saying that they're asking you to stay over there for awhile?"

Brian-" They're asking us to move over there. For about three years. (Whaaat! And now he starts talking really fast to get everything out before I lay into him with a million questions). And they want me to leave on Wednesday, but just for a couple of weeks! But it would be good cuz then I could househunt and work out details before you got over there. Then I'll come back, help us pack up and get over there."

I just had this blank stare on my face. I didn't know what to do. As much as it was fun when we talked about it before, I just knew making a big move like this with such short notice was going to be very stressful. Quitting and wrapping up all the work I've done for Girl Scouts, changing schools for the girls and sending all their homeschool stuff back, packing up the house, etc., etc.

But I guess I have to get used to it. Cuz come May 15th, we'll have packed up our house and will be on a plane to become citizens (or whatever they're called over there) of Mannheim, Germany.
And I'm clearly not dealing. Cuz it's taken me this long to even be able to vocalize it. Breathe...

So! Whaddya think about that? I need some serious encouragement.

Look at the smug look on his face.....Like everything is gonna be okay.... hehe. Jerk!


Blake said...

Sweet Christy! I know how much you've always wanted to become a beer garden girl and wear those great outfits :-P

Rachel said...

What an adventure!! I think that will be so much fun! Good luck!

Kelli C. said...

Nooooooo!!!!!! I'm so excited for you but so sad for all of us left behind! I love Germany (I was born there and then lived there again during high school) so I know you will love it too. Big culture shock, though!

Erin said...

I am SO JEALOUS!!! I have always wanted to move back to Germany (I live there when I was in middle school). You will absolutely love it! But it REALLY STINKS for us who you are leaving behind. I can't believe how many people are moving from our ward in the next few months. I guess it's that time of year again. Boo! Hoo! It's really depressing you will be moving, but I am also really happy for you and your family.

Kerstin said...

Einfahrt means inlet (if it's the right translation, well just the opposite of exit).

Mannheim isn't far from where I live. As you don't know me I know that you couldn't care less. But I can tell you that we had a really terrible winter (I sort of have the feeling that there has been no sun at all). The good news is that spring has started! The sun shines and they say that during next weekend there will be up to 20 °C (68 ° Fahrenheit). That's at least motivating me to get something done! ;-)

Beth said...

When I went to Germany to visit friends we told them we wanted to go see the city of Einfarht beacause the had signs with arrows everywhere trying to get us to go there...thats when they told us Einfarht means exit!