Friday, April 17, 2009


Visiting The Liberty Bell

On our way back north to New Jersey from D.C., we passed through Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell. There were some other cool things in that town, like Betsy Ross's house, but it was nearing closing time anyway so we had to just run in and see the Bell. I'll admit, it was pretty cool. And one thing I thought was greatwas that they displayed it in front of a window so even after closing time people from the outside could see it.

I can't remember correctly, but I "think" the building below is where they actually signed the documents. It was right across the street from the Liberty Bell building. The Bell building, however, was built on top of the grounds where George Washington's house used to stand. It was interesting that on the grounds around the Bell building, they had painted the floor plan of his house so you could see where his house actually stood.

We learned that back then, they couldn't decide what state to have the "Capitol" and so different cities/states took turns. Philadelphia was one of them. However, because they wanted to keep the State and Federal governments separate, the "Capitol" needed to be in a territory separate from any State. Thus, the birth of Washington D.C. was born.

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Randi said...

This post made me think of the movie National Treasure. You are like movie stars in my eyes right now!