Sunday, April 19, 2009


Where's Waldo?

...Can you find him?

...I couldn't pull him away from this thing...I seriously considered buying it...except I didn't know how I was gonna get it on the plane...

So, during the week while we were doing "regular life" stuff, and Brian was at work (this was before the D.C. trip), we tried to find some cool stuff in the town. There was the Boardwalk (which I'm bummed we didn't make it to. I don't think I've ever put my hand in the Atlantic Ocean) and lots of outlet shopping. There were fishermen shacks and cool coastal shops. One of the really fun shops we found was called Toymasters & Hobbymasters. We went there at least four times. And as you can tell from the pictures above, I don't think they were missing any kind of toy or hobby. If you needed something, they had it. Brian was amazed at how many parts they had for toy trains, cars, helicopters, etc., etc., etc. and was in heaven cuz he used to collect trains.

We had a great time there and the girls still want to go back. :)

Our Hotel Friends

Remember when I said the girls made our hotel their second home and made friends with all the hotel staff? Well, here they are. They wanted to make sure they got a picture with the Kelly, Larry (the manager) and Dina. :)


Randi said...

We need to go to a toy store here and look for a little piano. The kid is so particular with his toys, it is nice that he found something he likes.

amber buhrley said...

Thats fun! Too bad the piano didnt fold up so you oculd take it home.

pinepro said...

don't forget

and thanks for the wonderful comments