Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Randi's Baby Shower

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice....

That's What Little Girls Are Made Of...

On April 2, my Visiting Teaching Group put on a baby shower for one of the girls in our group, Randi DeRoest. She is a good friend of ours and we had so much fun planning this themed shower. We had to change the invitation from "arrival-to-be" because Randi ended up delivering her baby 3 weeks early. So, everyone had fun actually being able to hold the baby we were having the shower for.

And because we chose the theme above, we wanted to have a fun dessert and candy shower. So, everything was sugar and spiced! We also did a candy "bar" where everyone could pick a paper cone off the tree and fill it with Easter candy, Randi's obsession and favorite! :)

Enjoy the pictures

(Sugar rimmed glasses to off-set the sourness of the lemonade)

The beautiful mommy, Randi. (haha. Randi, I HAD to post this beautiful picture of you!)

We played the baby sculpting game with PlayDoh instead of gum since we all would have been sugared out already...

The baby sculpture below is Xanthe's. Check out the pacifier and everything!

Spencer modeling a homemade hat since Brennalyn was too small. Did you notice that Spencer got all dressed up for his best bud's baby shower? He had to look his best!

This is how Spencer spent part of the night. He was so sick of all the women in the other room. He was perfectly fine once he had his friends from YoGabba to keep him company.
Congrats Randi & Brent. We love Brennalyn and can't wait for her and Spencer to be able to play together.


Randi said...

Those food pictures bring back so many yummy memories. Too bad all that candy gives Brenna gas. Thanks for such a fun night, and for posting that picture. Seriously, was that the best one you had!!!

amber buhrley said...

What the fetch? What happened to just using the pre-made target invites? So so so so cute!

Heather said...

AMEN AMBER! Once again christy you've gone over the top! looks great!