Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I just HAD to....

Happy April Fool's!!!................. We're not moving to Germany....

We almost did...last year.

Ya, and although many of those facts are true, they're not connected, and aren't causing us to move to Germany. We HAVE considered it and it could become an option in the future. But not now.

It was fun, however, to see the reaction I would get if we really were moving. But I'm super sorry if I got anyone really bummed. haha. And what you guys didn't see are the people who didn't leave comments, but called me on the phone to find out "WHAT IS GOING ON?" hehe. It's a good thing I didn't try to pull this one over on you guys face to face. I would have failed miserably. I'm a bad liar. Just a good writer...sometimes.

And all those feelings I described are ones that I had already gone through.

And funny thing...Brian really was on a plane...just to New Jersey.

-yes I'm still in the ward
-yes we all get to still hang out
-yes if we ever move over in the future you ALL have a place to stay!

Love you all and thanks for being able to take a joke!


Vanessa Sperry said...

Wow!!! You got us good! Brian might be getting an email from Russ, since this was our topic of discussion over dinner last night!!! Well done, that was a great joke! :)

Kelli C said...

How funny! I left my comment...trying to be supportive and upbeat but really I was bummed. :) Good one!

Alicia said...

You bitch. :)
HAHA... Funny thing is that I was telling Blaine all about it and he said that Brian was going to "Jersey", not "Germany". I assured him that he mis-heard Brian while on "vent" and that you were indeed moving across the globe. He even asked me if it might be an April Fool's Joke, and I told "no way!" Wow. I am a gullible moron. :)
You win.

Randi said...

I am really glad I waited to chew you out for not telling me. I can't wait for tonight. I told my mom we had a shower to go to and she told me to get something from Brenna's closet to bring as a gift. I laughed and told her the shower was for us. She smiled and said "OH...That will be fun!" See you tonight!

Christy said...


Tell me if you get this or not. I was wondering if Blaine would spoil it or not. hahaha. That is SO funny. It makes the whole joke even better. Brian is going to totally laugh. I'm going to be laughing for days, even though a part of me still feels kind of guilty. And I love that not many people even know what "vent" is. I forgot you would know. heehee.

Erin said...

That was the best April Fools joke ever!! You totally got me. I was so depressed all yesterday evening and most of today. Good for you!! I am SO HAPPY you are not moving, but it would be a wonderful experience if you do have the opporunity to move over there someday. See you tonight at the shower!

Alicia said...

I had to check this just to make sure you weren't offended by my potty mouth. Sometimes I forget that not everyone thinks it's funny to call each other naughty names. :)
Yeah... Blaine just laughed at me and looked at me with "I told you so" face.
And, yes. There are only a few of "elite" enough to know just waht "vent" means.